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3 Ways Music Benefits Your Life

Music is an integral part of our lives and a universal human experience. The movies and TV shows we watch use music to heighten our emotions as we watch stories unfold, the retail stores and restaurants use it to set a certain atmosphere, and there’s something so exciting about listening to your favourite artist on the radio, at home, or even live in concert. 

But did you know that music is actually deeply beneficial to you? Whether you listen to music, play an instrument, or like to sing, here are 3 ways music makes life better! 

woman listening to music with headphones
  1. Music can help elevate or change your mood.

    Listening to music with a particular mood will help move you in an emotional direction, which can work in either a positive or negative way. If you are feeling unmotivated, turning on some upbeat jams can help you feel like conquering the task at hand! If you are feeling sad over a certain situation in your life, listening to music that echoes your emotions can help you cope with whatever you are going through. Singing or playing the music yourself also has added power to explore your emotions, and elevate or change what you are feeling for a time.

  2. Music can increase your intelligence.

    Listening to certain types of music enhances and aids students learning experience (both children and adults!). Listening to calm, reflective music while studying can help the brain retain more information, and associating sounds with visuals and other materials can also increase memory and intelligence. Classical music has even been shown to help the memory of patients with Alzeihmer’s and dementia*. Studies have also found that children who took music lessons just for one month had increased verbal intelligence from learning pitch and rhythm.**

  3. Music can reduce your stress levels.

    Science says that listening to relaxing music before a stressful experience, whether you’re about to take a test or go in for an uncomfortable medical procedure, can reduce your stress levels.*** Singing out loud, especially in a group has also been shown to relieve stress.

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