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Violin Lessons

young girl playing violin

Also known as a fiddle, the violin has been around since 16th century Europe. This small yet classic instrument is played in the treble pitch, making it the highest pitch instrument in the violin family. The violin’s hollow body is made of wood attached to four strings, and the bow is made with special horsehair.

The violin can be a little challenging to learn at first for a couple of reasons.  To start, you must hold the violin in a unique position, nestled under your chin with your arm extended out to grip the end. From there, the movement of the bow will take some getting used to, as it must come into contact with the strings just so in order to produce a nice sound.

But once the basics are out of the way, the violin is one of the most beautifully sounding instruments you’ll find. Many of the world’s most famous composers have written for the violin, and while the instrument is heard and played around the world, it’s a staple in any western classical music.

MSI Langley offers private violin lessons starting at age 7. We teach the Royal Conservatory of Music method as well as Sassmannshaus tradition and Violinkids method.

Students are provided with a supportive environment to help them achieve their goals. We use technology to make lessons fun and interactive, including the use of iPad games and learning resources.

Lessons are by appointment only. Inquire today to book a lesson time.