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Woodwind Lessons – Flute, Sax, Clarinet

girl playing flute

Woodwind instruments are a family of instruments generally divided into two categories: flutes and reed instruments. Flutes require nothing but your breath to make sounds, while reed instruments have thin wooden reeds in the mouthpiece that help generate sound. The woodwind family includes dozens of instruments, with some of the most common being flute, clarinet and saxophone.

If you’re looking for a new instrument to learn, the woodwind family is an excellent choice.  At MSI Langley, we’re proud to offer flute, clarinet, and saxophone lessons for ages 9 and up. All students are provided with a supportive learning environment to help them achieve their musical goals. In a 30-minute weekly lesson, students learn how read sheet music, basic theory, ear-training, proper posture and breathing habits, technique and proper instrument care.  Private woodwind lessons can help prepare students for school band class, plus we also help students prepare for Royal Conservatory of Music examinations.

Learning a woodwind instrument can provide some overlooked benefits as well. Because these instruments require your breath at the least, and at most an outright respiratory workout, learning a woodwind instrument will help you hone your breath control, strength and stamina. Learning a woodwind instrument will also work wonders for your posture, since these instruments force you to sit up straight while flexing your core muscles.

Knowing how to play woodwind instruments give you opportunities to join different ensembles like concert and jazz bands, orchestras, wind bands and more.

Woodwind Lessons are by appointment only. Inquire today to book a lesson time.