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Summer Camps

girl having fun at summer camp

If you think back to your childhood years, almost all learning was done in groups, whether in the classroom, dance studio or baseball field – why should piano lessons be any different?

For kids especially, learning piano in a group setting is more fun and engaging. Group lessons also provide opportunity for social skill development and relationship building, which can make the process of learning an instrument even more fun for kids. The learning environment is relaxed and encouraging, with a focus on enjoying the process rather than trying to be perfect alone in a room with a teacher.

There’s also potential to learn a lot more in a group piano lesson. Information will be retained easier in a group setting, as key learnings are repeated multiple times to the group and to individual children. Instructors will also use different learning styles to appeal to all children – you never know what they will pick up on. Between learning about theory, rhythm and note names to moving around and even singing, there’s plenty of opportunity to learn.

Your child will have the best time playing the piano and making friends in our exciting Pianorama camp! Not only is this camp an excellent introduction to music, but it is also a great way to prepare for our Pianorama Course in September. Each morning is full of fun activities and games to help children learn rhythm, note-reading and ear training, along with the basics of playing piano. They will get to make their own instruments, play note races, musical bowling and more!

Summer Registration will be open on April 3rd 2024. Contact us today to be added to our waitlist!


Pianorama Goes to Camp – $175.00 (Early Bird $150.00 register before May 1st 2024)

  • Tuesday July 9th – Thursday July 11th 2024- 10:00-12:00pm Beginners (Ages 4-6)
  • Tuesday July 23rd – Thursday July 25th 2024 – 10:00-12:00pm Beginners (Ages 4-6)

Registration opens April 3rd 2024!

Contact us at 604-449-2038 / to be added to the Pianorama Summer Camp waitlist!