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New To Music? Start Here!

kid at the piano

Why Piano is a Great Way to Start!

  • You can start playing piano from age 4 through retirement!
  • It is an easier instrument to play for little fingers.
  • You can learn any song one hand at a time.
  • Private piano lessons allow you to learn at your own pace.
  • Piano develops right and left hand coordination, which is beneficial for brain development.
  • Through piano, you can learn how to read music and play foundational rhythms.
  • You can start learning on a digital keyboard, which is cost-effective and fits into most spaces at home!
  • The skills you learn on piano are easily transferable to another instrument.
  • Not only do you gain an impressive skill, but playing piano is also a creative outlet you can use to express yourself!

Learn About Piano Lessons

kids playing paper piano

Why Choose GROUP Piano Lessons?

  • Lessons are FUN and interactive, as students learn musical concepts through games and group activities.
  • Each song is accompanied with an exciting backing track which helps students learn rhythm.
  • Students get to play in ensembles with their classmates.
  • Students also have an opportunity to solo in class, which builds confidence and encourages practice at home.
  • Students learn to sing on pitch and recognize notes by ear, as they get to sing all together.
  • Students can make friends who are at the same playing level.
  • Classes have a maximum of 8 students and are put into appropriate age groups.
  • Classes are available for beginners from ages 4-9.
  • Students who graduate from the group program are able to transition to Royal Conservatory Grade One or Two depending on the student.

If you have a 2 or 3 year old, click to learn more about our JITTERBUGS and BEEBOPPERS programs.

Learn About Group Piano Lessons

may playing acoustic guitar

Why Start with Ukulele or Guitar?


  • Ukulele is easier for little hands to play than the guitar, and students can start learning at age 6.
  • It is great for developing right and left hand coordination.
  • Students can play songs they know, which makes practicing fun! You can even sing and play at the same time.
  • The lighter strings make practicing easier.
  • It is an affordable and portable instrument.

Learn About Ukulele Lessons


  • You can start learning at age 7 through retirement!
  • There is an option to learn acoustic or electric, however acoustic is usually easier to start with.
  • You can learn how to read chords and/or notes.
  • Students can play songs they know, which makes practicing fun! You can even sing and play at the same time.
  • It is an affordable and portable instrument.

Learn About Guitar Lessons

singing into the hairbrush

Why Singing Lessons are for Everyone!

  • If you can talk and hear pitch, you can sing. Less than 5% of the population is tone deaf – and you are not it.
  • You can start private lessons from age 7 through retirement!
  • Everyone can improve, as the vocal cords are a muscle group and can be trained just like every other muscle in the body (no gym membership needed!)
  • Singing is shown to reduce stress and build confidence.
  • You can learn how to sing with ease and without any pain- yes, even the high notes!
  • There is no instrument needed except yourself.

Learn About Singing Lessons