Summer Registration is Open.

Piano Group Lessons

Ages 4-6 & 7-9

Learn about our Pianorama group piano lessons for children of all ages. Choose your age group below and join in the fun! For new students, consider the Pianorama Demo Class, we’d love to show you the ropes.

Pianorama Junior Piano Lessons: 4 To 6 Year Olds

The Pianorama Junior Course incorporates all fundamentals for practical and musical development for the beginner student. Emphasis on aural training expedites the learning process and the students develop the components of musicianship and technique simultaneously.

In a 45 minute weekly lesson during school term, the students cover the following:

  • Piano Skills – technical development through exciting repertoire and finger gyms, with solo and ensemble experience
  • Aural (Ear) Development – to train the musical ear for faster comprehension
  • Solfege Singing – to develop pitch
  • Percussion – to develop rhythmic skills
  • Theory & Musical Games – to learn and reinforce note-reading and musical concepts
  • Music Appreciation – to build creative awareness and understanding of musical structure and style

Each student is provided with a digital keyboard for use in the classroom in an unpressured atmosphere. Our program is effectively structured and is taught by fully qualified music specialists. The classes are divided into age-appropriate groups.


$26.00 per class (45 min)

Pianorama Primary Piano Lessons: 7 To 9 Year Olds

The Pianorama Primary Course is a beginner course for children starting from age 7. All technical and musical concepts are covered through repertoire and technical finger play, allowing the kids to experience all styles of music. This course integrates keyboard playing and percussion ensembles for rhythmic development, music appreciation for the understanding of musical structure and creative awareness, as well as the opportunity for solos and ensemble work.

The children play along with exciting orchestral and band tracks, which helps to promote a positive classroom environment.


$26.00 per class (45 min)

Glowing Program Reviews

“I came across the school’s website while looking for piano lessons for my four year old son Oliver. I spoke with a really nice lady on the phone and a couple of hours later, my son was signed up for the Pianorama group lessons offered at the school. We are so happy with our choice! Oliver has learnt so much in the last year. He has gone from knowing absolutely nothing about pianos to playing with two hands, performing in front of a small audience, interacting with other musical instruments and generally being comfortable expressing himself through music. Every where we go, we can’t say enough good things about the teachers (Miss Tianna, Miss Marlena) and the school in general. Music School International deserves at least five stars, and I strongly recommend it to anybody looking to learn to play a musical instrument – they do teach many other instruments and have a wide range of classes!” ~ Nora Mochev

“My daughter joined MSI Langley when she was 4 starting with the summer music camp. She loved the camp and signed up for Pianorama program right after that. Since then she has continued learning from Marlaena for about 5 years now and enjoying every lesson. In Pianorama programs, Kids get to know each other a little since they see each other every week, and I think listening to other kids playing and practicing together often encourage your kids to try harder to get better. There is no doubt that Marlaena is a great teacher. Not only she makes each lesson fun and enjoyable, she also makes sure that kids pay attention and respect others so that they can learn in appropriate learning environment. I find it very important as a parent. My daughter is already looking forward to starting private lessons in the new year, and I am sure she will be a long term student at MSI!” ~ Yoko Watanabe