Summer Registration is Open.

Beebopper Music Lessons

(For 3 Year Olds)

If you have a three-year old child, Beeboppers is an excellent program that helps children develop a love for music.

Our Beebopper program is made up of incredibly fun music lessons where children begin learning musical concepts at a preschool-age. The program involves singing to encourage pitch, percussion to develop rhythmic skills, action and movement for gross motor coordination, music appreciation for listening, and lots of musical games to encourage the brain to develop through musical concepts.

If your child is a little hesitant around other kids without a parent nearby, these classes are a great fit. In the Beebopper program, parents move into a partner role, sharing the experience with the child. There is a greater emphasis on fine motor control and pre-reading activities.

The Beebopper music lessons are an ideal way to give your child the opportunity to enjoy and discover the world of music in an environment that’s completely pressure-free, welcoming, and fun.

After the Beebopper program and at age four, the children can proceed to the Pianorama Junior Course where they continue in the same group system, but also learn the piano as part of the lesson structure.

Beebopper classes are 45 minutes long and cost $20 per class. To register your child in an upcoming Beebopper class, register with the button below:


$20.00 per class (45 min)

If your child isn’t quite 3 yet, we encourage you to explore our similar Jitterbugs program, where kids can be around others their age. A parent or caregiver is required to stay in the class. If space is permitted, siblings can attend (observation only).