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4 Ways to Enjoy Music With Your Kids

These days, there are so many distractions that get in the way of family time, even during the summer. Screen time, playdates and hang-outs, overnight camps, and work are great things, but do you feel like you don’t have enough quality time scheduled with your kids?

Music is such a powerful tool that can bring people together. Here are four fun ways to enjoy music with your kids this summer!

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  1. Bring them to an old-school record store, and listen to some vinyls together. Show them what life was like when you were a kid, or when their grandparents were kids through the best old-school music! There’s no better way to listen to it than through the crackle and pops of a record player spinning those vinyls.
  2. Attend a live music event. Whether it’s their favourite touring band, or a free music festival in your city, or a street performer – live music is a one-of-a-kind experience to share with your children.
  3. Make a road trip playlist together. Get onto your favourite music streaming service, and pick your favourite songs out together while you’re getting ready for that long-awaited family vacation! Hopefully that will turn their “are-we-there-yet?”s to some fun family sing-alongs.
  4. Learn an instrument together! There are so many benefits to learning music (see “Why Learning Music Early Matters”). Why not learn together with your kids? You can take semi-private guitar or ukulele lessons together, or get them to teach you a piano duet from their piano lessons. An easy duet to learn on the piano is a simplified version of “Ode to Joy” by Beethoven.
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