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Man playing acoustic guitar

Benefits of Guitar Improvisation

Improvisation: The act of playing something new without preparing for it beforehand. To improvise is to create something new on the spot. No matter what style of music you or your child are learning, improvisation is a fun and important skill to have as a guitar student.

Man playing acoustic guitar

Here a Four Benefits of Guitar Improvisation:

  • Improvising on the guitar gets you and your child to think in a different way about the piece of music that you’re playing. It cultivates your own creativity and allows you to explore different melodic patterns. It is a way of expressing yourself in the music you are playing and is a natural step up from beginner guitar lessons.
  • When you work on improvising it improves your knowledge of music theory including scales, chords and knowledge of key signatures.
  • It helps you build your musical ear by learning how different scales can be used in the chord structure of songs.
  • You are learning to compose, as you are playing something that you are coming up with on the spot!

In this short video Rob, one of our Guitar Lesson Instructors will teach you how to improvise on your guitar.

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