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Dude playing a uke on the beach

Best Music Lessons to Try This Summer

Starting music lessons in the summer will give you or your child a bit of a head start before the demands of your regular schedule kick in for the fall. Whether you are brand new to music lessons, or want to pick up another instrument – here are our favourite summer music lesson options:


Ukulele is the perfect instrument to learn over the summer! It is super affordable, portable and fairly simple to learn (even for little fingers). Through learning basic chords, rhythm patterns and single notes, you can learn to finger pick the melody of a song, or strum and sing along to your favourite tunes!

(Saxophone, Flute & Clarinet)

If you or your child is involved in a band program at school or your community throughout the year, summer is a great time to get some one-on-one instruction for your instrument. Whether you need help with your playing technique, scales, a solo piece, or simply want to maintain your skill, a few private lessons with a qualified instructor will set you up for the fall.


If you’re brand new to music lessons, learning the piano is a great place to start! The piano is known for being a foundational instrument when it comes to learning the basics of music – from note reading, rhythm, ear training, chords, to right and left hand coordination – piano covers it all! Click here for Best Pianos for Beginners.