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Woman pretending to sing with brush

Quick Vocal Warm-Ups For Female Singers

Your voice is a muscle and you need to do proper exercises to train and strengthen it. Just like an athlete has to warm up and train their muscles, a singer needs to warm up and train their vocal chords. 

Woman pretending to sing with brush

In the video below Marlaena will show you a quick 7-minute vocal warm-up exercise for female singers.

Make sure when you do the exercises with her that you feel no pain or tension when you sing. Always keep your shoulder relaxed and try to keep your head in a neutral position. Try not to lift your head up as the notes get higher in the exercise or sing louder as the notes get higher.

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The Three Vocal Warmup Exercises you will learn in this video are:

  1. Humming
  2. Lip Trills
  3. Goo Scale on an Arpeggio Scale

Humming on Glides of a Fifth:

Humming is a great vocal warm-up exercise, as it helps you find resonance in your voice.  Place the tip of your tongue behind your bottom teeth or gumline. Make a shape with your mouth like the word “mo”, you want the sound to feel buzzy not forced and make sure you aren’t pushing with your throat muscles.  Say ‘mmmm’ with a relaxed jaw and tongue.

Lip Trill:

Lip trills help you sing and warm up without tension as there are no vowels or consonants in this exercise.  It also helps you have consistent airflow as this is needed to produce a trill with your lips. To do this exercise find your jaw bone and then place two fingers on each hand slightly above the jaw bone, then push gently up creating a ‘U shape and then try to bubble your lips on a pitch or a glide.

Goo Arpeggio Scale:

Goo is a great exercise to help you transition easily between your chest, mix and head voice.  Make an ‘oo’ shape with your lips and sing the notes short or staccato.  Keep a hooty sound on the higher notes so that you don’t push the high notes.  Try not to sing louder as the notes get higher.

Watch this video of Marlaena, showing you the quick vocal warm-up exercises for female singers!

Remember it is always a healthy vocal practice to warm up before you sing. Your voice is your instrument and you have to take care of it!

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