Summer Registration is Open.
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Why Are Summer Music Lessons Awesome?

Schools out! Time for a break! So why should you continue with Summer music lessons?

  • Summer is a great time for students to continue to build on the progress they have made throughout the school term. With continuing their music lessons during the summer they are continuing to move forward in their studies and they will not need to focus on repeating material for the first couple of weeks back in the fall. Continuing regular weekly instrument lessons and practicing at home makes it easier to “get back into routine” when the summer break is over.
  • Summer is also a great time to experiment with learning a new style of music or new “fun” songs. Here are some examples of different music styles you could try over the summer:
    • Movie Theme Soundtracks,
    • Disney Songs,
    • Video Gaming Theme Songs,
    • Pop,
    • Jazz,
    • Blues
    • Rock, etc…
  • Summer is also a great time to try a NEW INSTRUMENT!!  If you or your child have always wanted to try an instrument but have been too busy to start, or you are interested in learning an additional one, summer is the perfect time to give it a try!  As our lesson times are more flexible in the summer, you can try something new without a big commitment.  We also offer a 5% discount on the total tuition for students that are learning 2 or more instruments at the school.  Did you know that you can also rent instruments from music stores?  This way you can try an instrument without having to purchase one to start! 

Interested in starting music lessons? Click for our Summer Private Lesson Packages or Contact Us for more information!