Summer Registration is Open.

Covid-19 Information

Please check this webpage for relevant information on the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak.

Covid-19 School Policies

All students and parents must use hand sanitizer or wash their hands thoroughly before starting each class. Masks are not currently mandatory in the school, however students and parents are welcome to wear a mask if preferred. If you prefer your teacher to wear a mask during the class please let your teacher know.

Online Lesson Option

Online lessons will be an available alternative if you are sick during your regular scheduled lesson time. If you are too sick to have an online lesson, the teacher will add you to his/her make up lesson waitlist as per our make up lesson policy if more than 24 hours notice has been given. If the student comes to their lesson sick or with cold symptoms, we will not be able to teach the lesson and their lesson will be forfeited as there will be no time to switch to an online lesson. If the teacher is sick or unable to teach in person lessons due to Covid-19 Protocols then the lesson will either be taught online or rescheduled at a later date.

Pianorama Online Classes

If a student is unable to come for a group lesson due to sickness or preventive measures, they may observe the class online via zoom. If the student is unable to observe the class online, the teacher will email the homework for the class for that week.

Pianorama Class Times

Starting in September Pianorama Classes will start 5 minutes later than the scheduled class time and it will end 5 minutes later in order for us to stagger the lessons in the school. For example if your class is from 3:30-4:15pm, the new start time will be 3:35-4:20pm every week. This will help keep the hallways less busy with the turnaround of private lessons and group classes.

Waiting Room

Parents and Students can wait in the waiting room, however if it is full we ask that students and parents line up outside the school before the class and their teacher will come out and let you know when you can come in for you class.