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Pianorama Junior Courses

(4-6 Year Olds)

The Pianorama Junior Music Course is so much more than an introductory piano class. This program is focused on developing your child as a whole musician, incorporating all fundamentals for practical and musical development for the beginner student. An emphasis on aural training expediates the learning process and the students develop the components of musicianship and technique simultaneously.

In a 45-minute weekly lesson during school the term, students learn the following:

  • Piano training – Students will receive practical piano training, including technical development through exciting repertoire and ensemble experience. All piano pieces are learnt with the additional support of backing tracks to encourage rhythmic development and make practicing and performing more fun. Students will have the opportunity to solo in class and perform as a group at the Year-End Recital.
  • Aural (Ear) Development – We train the musical ear for faster comprehension.
  • Singing – develops the students’ sense of pitch, musicality and melodic memory.
  • Percussion – Instructors use percussion instruments to help students develop their rhythmic skills.
  • Theory/musical games – Music theory helps students learn note reading and other musical elements. Students will also play fun musical games to reinforce learnt skills.
  • Music Appreciation – to build creative awareness and develop listening skills through actions understanding musical structure.

Each student is provided with a full size digital piano for use in the classroom in an unpressured atmosphere. Our program is effectively structured and is taught by fully qualified music specialists. This class is designed for children aged 4-6, but classes will be further divided into age-appropriate groups.


The cost per 45-minute class of Pianorama is $26.00. Click here for free demo class information.