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Christmas tree lit with music notes

Songs, Carols and Christmas


Christmas… what a wonderful time of year! The beautiful white snow that falls, the crisp cold air, warm hot chocolate (with maybe a little extra kick in it to keep you extra warm), warm fluffy and ugly sweaters, and my personal favourite – Christmas carolling! Everyone knows Christmas carols – Silent Night, The First Noel, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, The 12 Days of Christmas, etc. I have good memories of going around the block with my friends and schoolmates singing Christmas carols and sometimes some more hefty classical pieces.  It is so much fun and a great way to get to know the neighbours and maybe share a little silliness with friends.

Carolling Roots

Did you know carolling has its roots in wassailing?  Wassailing is an old tradition in which groups of people go from house to house giving well wishes in the cold months!  The words ves heill is translated to mean “be well and in good health”.

Fun fact – the song “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” is based on the old “Here Comes-A-Wassailing” carol!  Often the group of wassailers would get food and a hot and thick spiced drink called wassail for their well-wishing.  Wassail is much like our modern-day eggnog!  Saint Francis of Assisi was reported to have added songs of well-wishing to his Christmas services.  And people enjoyed it so much that they began singing and carolling in their homes.  Songs were verbally passed down from generation to generation.

This time of year has been celebrated for thousands of years, and for, many different reasons. For some of it has religious meaning, others to celebrate the Winter solstice, vacations and family time, and of course, the food, drink and music.  Here are our top favourite Christmas carols and songs from our MSI teachers! Sing along.

1. Carols of the Bells – specifically by Pentatonix

  • I love the arrangement and beautiful harmonies. – Marlaena, Voice, Piano, and Group Piano classes
  • The Trans-Siberian Orchestra (2nd link) has a very cool sound, and this is a unique arrangement of Carols of the Bells with God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. Orchestral with a twist of rock ‘n roll. – Bri, Guitar and Ukulele

2. White Christmas

  • I have good memories of it from listening to it at home with family. – Lacy, Piano and Group Piano classes

3. Oh Holy Night

  • It sounds so peaceful, makes me feel relaxed. It reminds me of the spirit of Christmas night. – Erica, Piano

4. Oh, Come All Ye Faithful – specifically Pentatonix

  • I love the fun and unique arrangement of the carol and the cool, driving bass percussion. – Tianna, Group Piano classes

5. It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas – specifically Michael Buble

  • I love this song because it gives me warm, fuzzy feelings, and brings me happy memories of my family! – Tiaggo, Voice

6. Have Yourself a Merry Christmas

  • It’s catchy, simple, and improv is fun! – Wesley, Piano
  • It is a great song to sing to wish other people Merry Christmas. Because my family is far from me, it is a wonderful gift to be able to sing it for them. – Elisha, Voice

7. Little Drummer Boy – For King & Country

  • I like the rhythms and the beats of the piece. – Annette, Piano and Group Piano classes

8. The Christmas Song/Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire – Nat King Cole

  • I really like this version for the orchestral background and the lazy, drifting feel of the beats, and of course this just reminds me of Christmas…relaxing and just drifting like the snow fall falling from the sky. – Sharon, Violin

9. Sleigh Ride

  • It reminds me to the joyfulness of Christmas because Christmas is naturally joyful and happy. It also reminds me of snow on the roads and makes me want to do some sledding. – Francis, Guitar and Ukulele
  • I love both the original orchestral version and the version by the Ronettes with lyrics. I like that it makes you feel like you are on a sleigh ride.  I like the whimsical lyrics and I always like a good key change! – Tal, Piano and Ukulele

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